Beasy is a mobile CRM empowering M&A teams to make more deals
Input info after meetings in seconds. Follow up with the key clients. Collaborate with your team more efficiently.
A single tool for deal origination
A tailor-made CRM + team collaboration tool
Works best for dealmakers
Beasy is for M&A advisors, PEs, VCs and Business Development teams. People who transform contacts into deal opportunities
Solves the problem of managing big number of relationships
The more people you interact with, the more information you get about companies, the more business you make. But saving info on the go and collaborating with your team on a single platform is not easy. Well... was not easy before Beasy
Be better at what you like the most
Beasy helps your whole team focus on what you do best: dealmaking
How it works
If you have a minute to spare, play with your dealflow! And let opportunities hit you
Input info easily
Save important info after meeting. In seconds. On mobile
Delegate work
Delegate the rest of the work to your team: financials, company info etc.
Find best matches
Sort and filter all companies that your firm ever looked at
Chat with your team
Discuss in mission-specific chats and have everyone contribute
Invite your clients
Invite your clients to review chosen companies and interact with them right in the app
Make more deals
Build better relationships with your network, match companies and make more deals
Easy input on mobile
  • Mobile-first experience, best-in-class and fun
  • Save the info that matters most, in 1 minute, even seating in a taxi
  • Customizable web platform for desktop
  • Voice input (coming soon)
Team collaboration
  • Share immediately with your teammates, assign tasks and delegate work. Help them help you!
  • Keep up-to-date with your partners meetings
  • Exchange ideas in mission-specific chats, keep track of everyone's contribution in one place
Capitalize on your network
  • Build your network and combine it with your team's network
  • Sync up with your partners smoothly, be aware of what's important
  • Invite guest members (clients, partners) to multiply opportunities and follow-up smoothly on every mission
Search, customize and more
  • Search, filter, sort and match companies in your network in seconds
  • Customizeable to fit any firm's criteria
  • Integrations with Pitchbook, Orbis, Crunchbase, Google News (coming soon)
GDPR Compliant
All info is secure and private. Your info stays yours
24/7 Support
We support you 24/7 via chat and email
iOS and Desktop
The app is available on iOS and Web. Android is coming soon
Take your firm to the next level
Try it for free for 1 month. No credit card required.
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